AIDS Walk and 5K Run

Raleigh, NC


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About Alliance of AIDS Services – Carolina, Inc.
The Alliance of AIDS Services – Carolina, Inc. is a non-profit
organization founded in 1999 to serve the community through
compassionate, nonjudgmental support, education and care for the
prevention of HIV/STIs.

About Crape Myrtle Festival
Crape Myrtle Festival is an all-volunteer nonprofit that encourages
and promotes the development of services for persons living with
AIDS and/or HIV infection, and additionally, to raise money for
financial assistance, outreach, and education to realized needs
within the LGBT community.

About LGBT Center of Raleigh
The Mission of the LGBT Center of Raleigh is to strengthen individual
and community development through social and educational
activities; to facilitate the incubation of supportive services and
groups; and to identify needs and advocate for resources benefiting
the diverse population of lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual
people, their friends and supporters within and beyond central
North Carolina.

About North Carolina AIDS Action Network

The North Carolina AIDS Action Network improves the lives of
people living with HIV/AIDS and affected communities through
outreach and public education, policy advocacy, and community
building to increase visibility and mutual support of people living
with HIV/AIDS throughout our state.

Top Individuals

Michael Wilson $1,891.58
Noel Bynum $1,302.87
Melanie Dubis $1,295.30
Lee Storrow $953.29
Gaston Williams $863.19
Wayne Wilson $836.70
Kym Hunter $602.81
Shayne Thoman $462.44
Aaron Mays $424.04

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